Learning, Supports and Sense of Community Maintained amid Social Distancing

Given only a few days’ notice of a school closure in anticipation of the COVID-19 pandemic, Linden Grove School teachers showed their flexibility in adapting academic lessons to distance learning. As the closure extended through April into May, teachers posted and received assignments utilizing Google Classroom, assignments ranging from subtraction worksheets, to learning about world cultures through art projects, to writing a poem about their favorite food.

In addition to academic assignments, speech and occupational therapists utilized an Internet-based system for weekly 1:1 sessions, and behavior staff provided consultations via phone.

To help everyone stay connected and maintain LGS’s sense of community, video conferencing enabled Morning Meetings for students to share with each other and practice social interactions. Posted images from weekly Spirit Days encouraged fun and helped maintain relationships among students, staff, and even LGS therapy dogs!

Linden Grove School is grateful to staff and family members who helped students stay engaged and connected during this unique time

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