Learning Expedition

4-6 team students and staff went on a learning expedition to the Cincinnati Nature Center where they had the opportunity to observe local plants and animals in various life stages.

Students and staff hiked the trails and looked at different trees, rolled over logs and looked at what insects they could find, and even went into a cabin to quietly spy on tons of birds and squirrels. They also got to use a small net to see what they could catch in the pond.

Cincinnati Nature Center staff were on hand to share information on the physical and behavioral adaptations of plants and animals in the forest and pond.

Students learned a great deal about nature, and also worked on communication, observation and critical thinking skills. At one point, students paired off and one students had to direct another student how to get to a tree. Then they had to take off the blindfold and find the same tree. The next time you hike with a friend or family member – you try it!


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