Integrated Therapies Increase Potential for Learning

Gavin Duryea takes his turn at donning an apron and chef’s hat.
Nathan Titzer waits to be served by Ryan Ballard, assisted by Laura Detzel.

An LGS parent recently remarked on her son Alex’s change in behavior: “Tuesday and Wednesday he was emotionally volatile and prone to upset. Today he was really sweet and affectionate.” Why the change?
Alex struggled with controlling his emotions and behaviors in class, so occupational therapist Abby McKenzie recommended therapeutic listening. Alex’s mom and LGS staff noticed a difference almost immediately.
Occupational and speech therapists work with all LGS students each week, individually or in small groups. The goal of these sessions is to increase student potential for learning. Additionally, therapists are integrated into classroom activities.


Quentin Crockett is just one LGS student utilizing therapeutic listening to help him stay calm and focused during school.

Abby McKenzie, speech-language pathologist Laura Detzel, and K-2 team staff recently worked together on a “Dining Out” experience for students. Students took turns donning an apron and chef’s hat to play the role of waiter asking “Please, can I take your order?” Student “customers” ordered from a prepared menu of pretzels, goldfish and marshmallows. The activity encouraged student use of complete sentences when taking or placing orders, and the development of gross and fine motor skills in balancing trays and serving food.

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