Inside Your Outside

Mrs. Wink’s 2-4 students are learning about systems of the body with help from the Cat in the Hat.

The Cat in the Hat takes Dick and Sally for a trip through the Inside-Your-Outside Machine. They learn about their insides including the workings of the brain, the different bones in a skeleton, sense organs, muscles, blood cells, and more. When their ride is done, the most important thing Dick and Sally learn is that something is going on inside them all the time.

For a video recording of a reading of Inside your Outside, click here.

To further enrich their studies of the systems of the body, Mrs. Wink has assembled a variety of videos, activities, and worksheets, such as an experiment to see how a person’s pulse rate differs if they’re sitting still or running around on the playground or creating a basic human skeleton out of Q-tips and labeling major body parts.

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