Increasing Mental Focus through Calm Classroom

Breathe . . .   Visualize . . . .  Stretch . . . . 

LGS students and staff benefit from brief calming exercises two or three times a day: in the morning and after recess and/or lunch. The exercises utilize breathing techniques, visualizations, and stretches/movements to encourage a greater sense of self-awareness, mental focus, and emotional resilience.

Through support from the Hatton Foundation, LGS teachers were trained in the Calm Classroom approach prior to the start of the 2020-2021 school year and received manuals outlining exercises for specific age groups. LGS also has access to online resources and recordings to guide in-class and distance learners through the exercises. (See examples here and here.)

While initially envisioned primarily as a support to aid student self-regulation and focus in classroom activities, Calm Classroom exercises have aided the mental focus and emotional well-being of staff as well as students. As one teacher stated, “Calm Classroom has helped my students—and myself—get focused and ready to learn.”

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