Increase in Autism Rates Confirms Need for Continued Growth

Plan for Growth Single Tree1 in 44 children has autism spectrum disorder (ASD) according to new data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) released in December 2021. A similar report released by the CDC in March 2020 found that 1 in 54 children had autism. In 2000, the rate was 1 in 150.

Linden Grove School’s 2020-2023 Strategic Plan: A Plan for Growth embodies the commitment of LGS trustees, staff, and supporters to help the increasing number of students with autism become valued, participating members of our community. During the current school year, strategies for growth include:

  • Increased physical space through LGS’s new Middle School building;
  • Enhanced instruction for students and parents, especially in regard to executive functioning skills;
  • Expanded partnerships to help students develop interests and skills for community participation;
  • Increased financial resources for program expansion as well as long-term sustainability.

See more information on LGS’s 2020-2023 Strategic Plan.

Significant Gift Received to Establish LGS Endowment

Arleene Keller, a former LGS Board member and long-time supporter, recently made a significant gift to help establish an endowment for the school. Arleene Keller’s generosity will help ensure the long-term sustainability of LGS for the benefit of students and families in our community.


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