I Do, We Do, You Do Math

Ms. Foster’s 2-4 Team math students have been learning how to subtract using Touch Math and “I Do, We Do, You Do” — an evidence-based teaching model.

In a typical math class, Ms. Foster begins by modeling the lesson for the day – in this case, subtracting by the number “6.” While the students watch and listen, Ms. Foster says the top number out loud and then, by touching the dots on the “6,” counts backwards to get the answer.

Then, assisted by Ms. Foster, the students work together as a class to complete a worksheet of similar problems, with students taking turns to complete problems at the SmartBoard.

Students are then given additional sample problems to complete independently to demonstrate their understanding.

To help maximize each student’s learning potential, Linden Grove School stays current with developments in evidence-based strategies and resources related to academics and other areas.

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