Meet Our Staff

Laura Detzel

Speech Language Pathologist

Mrs. Detzel, beginning her fifth year at LGS, loves getting to know each student’s unique personality and watching the students make progress. Her favorite vacation destination is a toss-up between the Grand Cayman and Harry Potter World – a tough choice! When at home, she loves her coffee and spending time in her garden.

Parent Testimonials

Linden Grove School staff are a blessing to me as a parent. They are knowledgeable about the boys, and very positive about their growth and overall development. They accept the boys for who they are and push them to keep gaining. I can’t imagine my sons in any other program or school."

Jennifer, Fairfield

I love how much the teachers care for our kids. You can tell they have so much compassion. You don’t get that at every school. We are very lucky!"

Sara, Monfort Heights