Helping Students Achieve More through Interoceptive Awareness

Interoceptive awareness is gaining attention for its ability to help students achieve more in school, improve their social interactions and increase their general sense of well-being.

The senses of taste, smell, touch, sight and hearing help individuals determine if food smells appetizing or spoiled or if water feels soothingly warm or scalding hot. Interoception, a lesser known sense, helps individuals feel and understand what is going on inside their body; for example, when their stomach or bladder feels full or when their heartbeat is fast and their muscles tensed.

Interoception sessions help students perceive information from their body so they may respond appropriately. A student sensing a rapid heartbeat during an exam may respond by taking deep, slow breaths. Another student, sensing his muscles tense up during a game with a classmate, may remind himself “it’s only a game” and focus on being a “good sport.”

Ultimately, interoception sessions help individuals better manage their behaviors, emotions and thoughts to improve success at school, at work and in their personal lives.

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