Hands-On Learning, and Knees and Whole Body!

Linden Grove School (LGS) knows hands-on learning benefits not only kids with autism, but all kids.

But this week in Summer Camp, LGS went beyond “hands” on learning to “legs” and “whole bodies” as well with the help of the Cincinnati Museum Center’s Program on Wheels.

Cincinnati Museum Center staff person Karen Venetian took LGS summer camp students through team learning activities related to three different bridges: arch, suspension and truss bridges.

Models of arch bridges were constructed of trapezoid-shaped wooden blocks, with a keystone at the top to “lock” the other parts together. Karen described how, at another school, a teacher did a handstand on the keystone as a testament to the strength of the construction.

Next was the building of human suspension bridge, with teachers serving as the towers across which cables were laid and stretched down to student anchors. The strength of the suspension bridge was then tested by students sitting on a bench laid across the suspension cables – the “anchors” could feel themselves “lifted” by the stress of the weight across the bridge!

Third, students built a truss bridge of wooden beams held together by washers and pin clips, testing its strength by first crawling across the bridge on their knees and then standing on it – en masse.

Thank you to the Cincinnati Museum Center Program on Wheels and Karen Venetian for an incredible explanation of what makes bridges work!

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