Halloween Celebrations Include Costumes, Competitions and (of course) Candy

Halloween is the most anticipated celebrations of the fall season for the young and young at heart—and it’s no different at Linden Grove School. All October long we plan our costumes, stock up on candy and other treats, and get ready for a great time.

The annual 6-8 team Halloween Party is always fun and festive with a donut eating competition, games, candy, caramel apples, dancing, and the limbo. We were especially thrilled this year to see a number of LGS alums in attendance.

On Monday, Halloween Day, the mild weather allowed students to enjoy a “trunk and treat.” Students walked from car to car in our parking lot, gathering treats from LGS supporters.

Many thanks to the to the parents and staff who worked hard to make this yet another great Halloween celebration for everyone at Linden Grove School.



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