Getting to Know Community Helpers

Linden Grove School’s K-2 Team welcomed some very special guests during their recent unit on Community Helpers.

Firemen and Paramedics Bill Fitzpatric and “Crazy Mike” Kramer from the Sycamore Township Fire Department spent a Monday afternoon with the students. Crazy Mike showed them his equipment including his “backpack” which consisted of a heavy tank of air to breath in a room full of smoke. He also put on his full gear, piece-by-piece, so if the students ever do see a fireman in a big suit and face mask they will know the fireman is a friend who is there to help. Afterwards, the students saw the firetruck with ladder fully extended.

The students also welcomed officers Fritz and Nash from the Hamilton County Sheriff’s Office. The officers talked with the students about what to do when approached by a stranger and also showed them some of their equipment. In appreciation for their time, each student presented the officers with a “high five” thank you and then received a badge and coloring book. Finally, everyone went outside to see and sit inside a sheriff’s vehicle.

Many thanks to our special guests and all of our community helpers!




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