From Caterpillar to Butterfly

4-6 Team students recently had the opportunity to observe the butterfly life cycle up close. Ms. McGraw’s science class received a donated butterfly kit on April 10, and began learning about the fascinating caterpillar metamorphosis.

They transferred 36 tiny caterpillars into individual growing containers, then waited and watched while the caterpillars grew to ten times their original size! Once they were done growing, their outer skin hardened to form chrysalides. The chrysalides were then transferred into the butterfly habitat – a drum-shaped structure made out of netting.

Protected by the chrysalides, the caterpillars gradually metamorphosed into butterflies – and everyone was glad to see beautiful butterflies emerging from the chrysalides by April 28. The butterflies were released into the wild on May 1.

Another memorable experience for LGS students!

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