Fold and Fly, Build and Go

Students used LEGOs and building kits to explore easy engineering concepts.

Students explored physics and engineering concepts through engaging class activities and fun field trips during the second week of Summer Camp themed “Easy Engineering.”

Classroom activities for older students included time to “fold and fly” a range of paper airplane designs. Some planes were designed for distance or time aloft, others for their acrobatic abilities or attractiveness. All were made for fun! The paper airplanes offered a great opportunity to explore the four forces of aerodynamics: drag, gravity, lift and thrust.)

Younger students decorated simple drawings of planes, adding their own unique features. (One student for example, added a coconut cannon to the top of his plane!)

Students also had an opportunity to design and build vehicles out of LEGO™ or other materials, learning about wheels, axles and chassis and how they are combined to make the framework of a vehicle.

Creativity in design is always encouraged. Older students created various eye-catching designs utilizing LEGO. Younger students showed their creativity on paper, creating a train on cotton candy tracks and carrying a car full of clowns!

In addition to classroom activities, older students were given a guided tour of GE Aircraft Engines and visited the National Museum of the United States Air Force as part of an overnight trip to Dayton, OH. Younger students enjoyed the interactive play area and train ride at Entertrainment Junction in West Chester, Ohio.

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