Is funding or financial assistance available for families who do not reside in Ohio or do not qualify for the ASP or JP?

Linden Grove School will strive to assist families who struggle with the financial burden of tuition costs.  Families who wish to apply for tuition assistance may do so by submitting an online application to FACTS Management upon acceptance of their child to Linden Grove School.  Tuition assistance requests will be considered on a first-come, first-served basis.  The yearly maximum allowed for tuition assistance is $5,000 per student, providing a clear need is demonstrated and funds are available.  If awarded, tuition assistance dollars can be used only to pay regular school year tuition; i.e., excludes aftercare, summer school, after-school activities, etc.

My child has been evaluated and completed the visitation requirements and has now been accepted into Linden Grove School. What happens next?

You will be asked to fill out registration paperwork and pay a $300 non-refundable registration fee. The fee secures your child’s enrollment slot. A registration fee will occur annually during the registration period in early March for each school year that you  register your child.  This fee ensures a slot for your child will be held for the upcoming school year.

I am interested in Linden Grove for my child. What is the first step?

Set up a time to come in for an observation along with a tour and meeting with the Principal of Academics to discuss your goals and desires. If an evaluation of your child is agreed upon, you will be responsible for a non-refundable testing fee of $250. Even if your child is not accepted, Linden Grove retains this fee.

Do we provide transportation?

We do not provide transportation. Most parents drop off and pick up their children. Many parents carpool with other families coming from the same area. Rarely do public school districts provide transportation.

The law requires school districts to either provide transportation or reimburse (at a designated rate) for transportation for students meeting the following criteria: The child must live within a 30 minute drive, from their driveway to our doorstep. This includes during traffic hours in which the service would be provided and also all stops. You would need to contact your home school district’s transportation department for further information.

Are before and afterschool care programs available?

Yes, morning care is available from 7:30 to 8:10 am. Any child arriving to school prior to 8:10 am without supervision must go to morning care. The charge for this service is $10 per day.

After school care is available until 5:00 pm and any child who is not picked up by 3:10 pm is automatically placed in after care. If you arrive to pick up your child between 3:10 – 3:30, there is a $10 daily charge; if you pick up between 3:10-5:00, the charge for this service is $22 daily.

A student who is in both morning and after care on the same day will be charged $28. Both morning and after care services can be used on a regular or as needed basis. Weekly rates are available and are more cost effective for families utilizing the service on a consistent basis. The weekly rates are:

$30 per week for morning care
$50 per week for after care
$65 per week for both morning and aftercare

How many students do we serve?

We currently serve 65 students. On an annual basis, we will evaluate the needs of our school and of the community to determine the number of slots that will be available.

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