Eye-Tracking & TMS Research Study

Needed: 8 to 21 Year Olds with Autism Spectrum Disorder
Eye-Tracking and Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS) Research Study

What: We want to learn more about how attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) affects people with autism spectrum disorder (ASD). We will also see if there are differences in the brain, using eye-tracking and TMS tests (both non-invasive), between people who have ASD and those who have both ADHD and ASD.

Who: Children, teens and adults, 8 to 21 years old, who are diagnosed with ASD may be eligible for participation. Anyone with the following will NOT be able to participate: A diagnosis of another psychiatric disorder that requires medication, or an implanted brain stimulator, vagal nerve stimulator, VP shunt, aneurysm clip, cardiac pacemaker, or implanted medication port.

Pay: Participants will receive $35 for their time, effort, and travel.

If interested in learning more about this study, contact Lindsey Mooney at 513-803-0499 or lindsey.mooney@cchmc.org.

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