Exploring World Cultures through Art

While staff and students “Stay at Home” during the COVID-19 pandemic, Mrs. Hoffman’s 2-4 Team art students continue their exploration of world cultures. Their current geographic area of focus? Asia!

With each country they visit—from India to Japan to Russia—Mrs. Hoffman shares a world map highlighting the country as well as some basic information of the country’s culture and traditions. Also provided are links to short videos from National Geographic Kids depicting student explorers as they experience local attractions and activities ranging from a Holi festival in India to the performance of The Nutcracker ballet in Russia.

Mrs. Hoffman then utilizes recorded videos to guide students in related art activities using materials they have at home. Students created, for example:

  • Mehndi designs by tracing their hand on paper and then decorating the outline.
  • A Japanese Hand Fan by decorating then folding a sheet of paper.
  • Rangoli art by drawing designs on paper laid on the floor.

Thanks, Mrs. Hoffman, for your engaging lessons and the opportunity to become armchair travelers!

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