Exploring Awesome Animal Adaptations

Linden Grove School Summer Camp’s animal-themed week is one of its most popular, and one its most valuable — especially this year thanks to a grant from the Greater Cincinnati Foundation. The grant enabled the purchase of educational books and supplies, as well as in-house and community-based programs.




During the week, students utilized books and other resources to visualize animal habitats, and then worked together to build model habitats using LEGO.



A visiting program from the Cincinnati Museum Center allowed students to touch live animals, as well as variety of items including whale baleen, antelope fur and armadillo armor.



K-6 students enjoyed a trip to the Newport Aquarium; and 6-8 students had the option of a two-night stay in Columbus, OH with trips to COSI and the Columbus Zoo. The excursions not only provided valuable learning opportunities, they encouraged students to practice positive social interactions and self-regulation in a community setting.

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