Exercise: Good for the Body and the Mind

Ms. Lee’s 2-4 students have been talking about exercise—what is it and how it helps us. First students shared some of the favorite types of exercise including running, playing tag, swimming, and dancing. Exercise can be fun and it’s great to play with friends. Exercising outside also helps us get fresh air and sunshine.

When students were asked to name body parts used in exercise, they listed arms, legs and hands. But what do we have inside our bodies that allow us to move our arms when we throw a ball or our legs when we run across the playground? Muscles! A short video showed students how muscles work to move parts of the body. To get their muscles moving in the classroom, students had fun acting out a poem:

Jump to the right and stand if you please,
Touch your elbows and now your knees.
Touch both heels, now your nose,
Hands on your hips, and now on your toes.
Hands on shoulders, and on your shoes,
Turn to the left and read the news.
Hands on heads, also on hair,
Hands on hips, now in the air.
Touch your face, now your feet,
Clap your hands and take your seat.

Finally, students watched another video, this one showing an experiment by two classes of students demonstrating how exercise can boost learning activities.

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