Everyday Skills

The therapies that are incorporated into his daily routine are invaluable…. His academic progress has been impressive and he is also improving socially.

—Jeff from Wyoming, OH


I chose Linden Grove for many reasons. First of all, the staff was exceptional at making me feel welcome. Other reasons include the fact that there is OT and Speech on site which eliminates the need for so many appointments in the evening. I love the small classroom ratios as well.

—Tricia from Milford, OH


At Linden Grove School, not only do all students benefit each week from one-on-one or small group sessions from occupational and speech therapists, therapists are also integrated into classroom activities to encourage academic achievement as well as positive social interaction.

For example, in K-2 grade cooking classes with Speech Therapist Laura Detzel, students are encouraged to use complete sentences in requesting specific ingredients for their trail mix or other creations. In addition, they are taught to wait their turn and not interrupt the request of fellow students.

The “cooking classes” are just one example of ways LGS students are learning not only how to use complete sentences and express their desires clearly but also how to interact with others.

Read another example of how occupational and therapists are integrated into classroom activities on Inside LGS.

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