Enthusiasm and Engagement

I thank God for this school every day! I have never dealt with such a kind, compassionate, & POSITIVE, staff. These teachers, therapists, & administrative personnel truly are dedicated to their profession, and I see it among their interactions with the kids every day I enter the building. My son just said this morning as he was getting ready, “Yay! I get to go to school!” Never in a million years would I have ever dreamed of those words coming out of his mouth. Thank you LGS for being there for us and for all of your hard work & dedication to our son.

—Kathryn from Amelia, OH


The dedication and compassion of Linden Grove School staff is priceless.

It is apparent in day-to-day classroom activities, and also in the staff’s efforts to integrate students into community experiences.

Community-based experiences are an important part of student learning at Linden Grove School. Whether it’s attending a musical or theatrical performance, exploring a museum or nature park, touring local businesses to learn about different careers or dining out to eat to practice proper social skills and speech, all experiences connect kids to our community and provide opportunities for learning and engagement.

To all of the organizations and businesses who host students of Linden Grove or other schools – thank you!


Do you know of an organization or business who could host a visit from students of Linden Grove School? Email us!


You can help a student develop the community engagement critical to success. Read more here.


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