Encouraging a Relationship with the Library

“We’re going to the library!”

Ms. Wagner’s K-2 students’ wave good-bye as they walk two-by-two down the school hallway and out the front door to the Deer Park branch of the Cincinnati Public Library. Throughout the school year, students will visit the library on the second and fourth Friday of each month. They will enjoy stories, songs, or other activities; and receive assistance in identifying new books related to students’ interests.

More importantly, trips to the local branch encourage in students a relationship with the public library—hopefully for a lifetime.

Libraries more than ever are hubs for community activities. They serve as a space for speakers and community meetings as well as teen groups, crafts, game nights, book clubs, and other activities. They offer assistance with homework, personal wellness, job searches, and tax returns. Many libraries also include a MakerSpace with equipment such as 3D printers, button makers, a laser engraver/cutter, sewing machine, audio and video recording equipment, and more.

Libraries host these activities and resources in a safe, accessible environment for students and adults of all ages and abilities.

As part of its multi-year improvement project to build the Next Generation Library, the Cincinnati Public Library will create a new space for its Deer Park branch. The new space will be about five times larger and include large program rooms, interactive areas, and small quiet corners. Check out the initial designs.

K-2 Library VisitK-2 Library VisitK-2 Library Visit
K-2 Library VisitK-2 Library VisitK-2 Library VisitK-2 Library Visit
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