Egg Drop Challenge

6-8 team science teachers organized an Egg Drop Challenge open to all LGS students.

The challenge: design an egg drop contraption that will keep an egg from breaking when dropped fifty feet from the top rung of a fire truck ladder.

Interested students were provided with a gallon-size zip bag, a large egg and a Dixie cup. Students also had access to a range of additional materials including cotton balls, paper towels, cardboard, straws, tape, toothpicks, packing peanuts and bubble wrap. All of the materials utilized were required to fit in the gallon zip bag.

Students could work individually or in teams to design a device that would distribute the energy such that the egg would not break when it hit the ground.

Of more than a dozen designs tested, two contraptions allowed eggs to be dropped without breaking:

(1) One packed the egg in a cardboard tube and cushioned it with foam, sponges and cotton balls.

(2) The second packed the egg in a Pringles can and similarly cushioned the egg with cotton and other materials.

Thanks to the 6-8 team science teachers – and the Sycamore Township Fire Department – for supporting an educational – and memorable – student project.



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