Earth Day Art

It’s Earth Day! And what better way to inspire students to care for our natural environment than have them explore nature in their own yard and create unique works of art with very special paper?

Mrs. Hoffman’s art students explored the school yard selecting various items from nature including dandelion heads, grass, leaves and rocks. Students then arranged their items on sun print paper and, laying their pages out in the sunshine, watched while sun faded the uncovered parts of the paper from blue to white.

Now the amazing part . . . .

After removing their selected natural items, students dipped their paper in water and then laid them out in the sun again — the parts of the paper that were white turned dark, and the blue parts turned white!

Students enjoyed the opportunity to explore nature and see it in a whole new way. And no doubt they were inspired to do their part to help preserve our environment – not only at school and home but around the world!

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