Distance Learning Creates Unexpected Benefits for Speech, OT

Typical speech and occupational therapy (OT) activities don’t adapt well to distance learning. It’s hard to teach a student how to tie a shoe or work on correct pronunciation via a computer screen. Amid these challenges, LGS therapists nevertheless have found unexpected benefits when working with students learning from home.

In distance learning, parents can experience what their students are working on in therapy sessions, and therapists can provide parents with ideas on how to reinforce activities at home. These ideas may be as simple as using a full sentence when requesting something at mealtime or how to help students hold utensils and scoop food.

Specific to speech therapy, students enjoy introducing therapists to siblings or pets and showing off their rooms and prized possessions. Therapists use these opportunities to work on conversation skills, language organization, and vocabulary.

In OT sessions, therapists have found mindfulness activities particularly effective among students learning from home, away from busy classrooms. Breathing exercises and relaxation techniques can be easier to focus on and engage with, helping students self-regulate and feel better emotionally and physically.

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