Discovering Science through Art

“Everything Art” is the theme of Summer Camp this week, offering students exposure to art forms including painting, sculpture – even glass blowing and glass fusing.

But in exploring art, students found themselves learning more about science.

Science is about making observations, developing ideas (hypotheses), testing our ideas and making further observations which then generate new ideas, and so on.

This week, for example, students observed what happens when mixing two different primary colors (red, yellow or blue) and from there what happens when mixing primary colors with secondary  colors (orange, green and purple.)

Next, in anticipation of July 4th next week, students created Fireworks in a Glass:

1) Pour two tablespoons of oil into a glass and add several drops of food coloring. What do you see? Stir the oil and food coloring. What happens?

2) Next, pour the oil and food coloring into a glass of warm water. What do you see?

From there, students began to develop more ideas: what changes when we use more or less oil, water or food coloring? What happens when we use cold water as opposed to warm water?

We won’t give you the answers. We’ll let you develop your own hypotheses!


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