Creative Cooking

As part of this year’s Summer Camp FUN, students of all ages have created sweet and savory culinary creations with the help of Ms. Stevens. Recipes included:

Rice Krispies Treats with Fruity Pebbles – A favorite of Summer Camp Staff. (thanks, students for making extra!) Fruity Pebbles add color and flavor to traditional Rice Krispies treats. Also note, Fruity Pebbles are gluten free and you can use gluten free crispy rice cereal.

Decorated Cut-Out cookies – younger students decorated their cookies (made with store-bought cookie dough) with frosting and sprinkles. Older students frosted cookies and then used plastic bags to pipe additional frosting onto the cookies – a big hit!  

Mini Fruit Pizzas – Made with sugar cookies, cream cheese frosting and chopped fruit, students enjoyed using the multi-colored fruit options to create their own mini pizzas. (And enjoyed tasting different fruits during the process.)

Pizza Dough Pretzels – Using canned pizza crust, students rolled the dough into “ropes” to create a football, Mickey Mouse, or initials. After a sprinkle of salt, the pretzels were baked then enjoyed! (Cheese dip, optional.)

Thank you, Ms. Stevens!

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