Creating a School Community

Imagine you are a student starting at a new school. What would be on your mind? You might be wondering, “Will I make friends here?” Or, “Will my teachers like me? Will they care about me?”

Schools with strong sense of community help students feel safe and supported, and give them a sense of “connectedness” and “belonging.” This, in turn, increases academic achievement, helps students develop social and emotional competencies, and reduces negative behaviors.

LGS cultivates a sense of community in various ways including:

Cultivating supportive relationships among staff and parents for the benefit of students. Staff and parents work together not only to support student learning, but also to build a sense of community through school traditions such as an annual Trunk or Treat and School Carnival.

Encouraging school families and staff to share their traditions, culture, and experiences. LGS is committed to helping students and adults learn about and appreciate diverse traditions and experiences, through school celebrations, stories, visiting programs, and more.

Emphasizing common purposes and ideals. Along with an emphasis on working towards personal goals, academic and other, LGS also emphasizes the importance of character traits such as kindness, concern for others, and personal responsibility.

Providing regular opportunities for cooperation and service. Staff-facilitated group projects and community service activities help students learn how to encourage and support one another

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