Structural Model

As Linden Grove School explores facility options to increase enrollment, also included in its 2020-2023 Strategic Plan are strategies to ensure quality instruction and supports for students and develop an organizational structure to support program growth.

Effective relationships between parents and staff are critical for student success: the more parents, teachers, therapists and behavior specialists share relevant information with each other about a student, the better equipped all will be to help that student maximize his or her potential.

Parents also help Linden Grove School:

  • Maintain a sense of community by supporting LGS traditions ranging from Trunk or Treat to a school carnival;
  • Encourage a supportive and inclusive culture by offering new ideas for school activities and participating in existing events;
  • Attract financial resources by actively supporting the school’s Giving Tuesday campaign, Signature Event and other fundraising efforts; and
  • Guide the school’s operational and program growth through feedback or serving in leadership positions on the school’s Board of Trustees or committees.

Attracting and retaining dedicated, compassionate staff has always been a priority for LGS. As part of its plan for growth, the school will assess staff recruitment processes to maintain a balance of skill sets and diversity. Staff training and professional development opportunities will likewise be reviewed, with particular emphasis on developing internal leaders to support operational and program growth.