Program Growth

Autism prevalence rates increased 10% in two years, according to a CDC report released in March 2020. In the report, the CDC estimates 1 in 54 children as identified with autism spectrum disorder (ASD), an increase from the previous estimate of 1 in 59 children made two years previously.

Linden Grove School’s specialized approach to education helps students with autism develop the knowledge and skills to succeed in school, and become valued, contributing members of our community. Over the next decade, an estimated 707,000 to 1,116,000 teens with autism will transition out of high school, and, if trends continue, their participation in post-secondary education or paid employment will be significantly lower than those of their typical peers or even those with learning disabilities.

As part of its 2020-2023 Strategic Plan, Linden Grove School will install a modular classroom building, allowing the school to continue to increase enrollment while exploring options for larger, long-term facilities. Relatedly, LGS will ensure marketing efforts to maintain enrollment growth as well as diversity of students, families and staff.

As Linden Grove School prepares for a physical expansion, maintaining the quality of its specialized instruction and supports is a priority. The school’s academic instruction will continue to evolve based on revised standards from the Ohio Department of Education as well as increased efforts for multi-cultural approach to education. LGS will also continue to offer a range of electives and extra-curricular activities designed to help students explore interests, develop new skills, and improve social interactions.