Financial Resources

Linden Grove School (LGS) is grateful to the countless number of individuals and organizations who have supported LGS and its students throughout the school’s 30+ year history. As part of its 2020-2023 Strategic Plan, LGS will expand efforts to increase engagement of past and current supporters as well as to attract new supporters.

As part of the school’s plan for growth, LGS looks forward to increasing the school’s list of Partners for Success—local companies and other organizations that provide financial, in-kind and volunteer support to help LGS students achieve success. Further, the school appreciates all employers who have established hiring practices in support of individuals with autism.

Linden Grove School will also strive to increase foundation support for academic instruction, specialized supports, summer programs, and other activities designed to improve social skills, life skills, cultural awareness, and more.

While companies and foundations provide considerable funding, individuals provide the greatest support for Linden Grove School students—support enabling students to achieve success in school and become valued, participating members of our community. Over the next few years, LGS will increase efforts to capture the stories of individuals and organizations who have supported the school’s growth.