Cool Critters

This year’s theme for the final week of Summer Camp was “Cool Critters.” To help make the week a memorable experience for students and staff, LGS is grateful to Cincinnati’s Cool Critters animal education and rescue organization.

Beginning in the earliest grades, LGS students learn about different animals and how to group them by common traits: warm-blooded or cold blooded, lay eggs or live births, lungs or gills, etc.

While the visit from Cool Critters Outreach expanded students’ knowledge of animals (for example, the difference between a turtle and a tortoise) of greater significance was the opportunity for students to learn how to effectively interact with live animals.

Cool Critters explained, for example, that a tortoise feels when you touch its shell (so please don’t knock on it!) Similarly, ferrets—just like all of us—may respond negatively when they can’t get their recommended amount of sleep; ferrets typically sleep 14-18 hours a day. Students also learned how to watch—and feel— for signals indicating if the animal was calm or distressed. Learning how to look for signs/signals from animals about their emotional state can encourage students—and adults—how to watch for similar signs among friends, family members, and others.

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