Cooking Up Speech

There’s nothing like a good snack in speech-language therapy – just ask our K-2 students!

Mrs. Detzel’s most recent “cooking class” had Linden Grove School’s youngest students each creating his or her own personal trail mix. Students could choose from cereal (Cheerios,) Goldfish, M&M’s, raisins and marshmallows!

During the class, Mrs. Detzel presented each ingredient one at a time and asked students in turn if they would like to add that ingredient to their trail mix. When it was their turn, students used visuals to help them respond in complete sentences.

Students could not sample any ingredients in their trail mix until ALL ingredients had been distributed. (It was especially hard to refrain from sampling any M&M’s until everyone’s personal recipe was complete!)

Mrs. Detzel’s cooking class encouraged the use of complete sentences as well as appropriate responses to questions: “Would you like raisins in your trail mix?” encouraged “I don’t want raisins in my trail mix,” as opposed to “I don’t like raisins!”

And, of course, students had to wait their turn to add the next ingredient to their own trail mix and wait to “sample” any ingredient in their trail mix until all ingredients were distributed to all students.

For everyone who has sampled cookie dough before the cookies were baked – could you show the same restraint as our K-2 students?

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