Cookies and Effective Communication

Cooking activities offer a fun – and a tasty – way of encouraging effective communication skills among LGS’s youngest students. (Read more at an earlier Inside LGS post: Cooking Up Speech.)

Most recently, Ms. Wagner and Mrs. Detzel facilitated the decorating of holiday cookies by some of our K-2 students.

Students were asked if they would like to decorate a pre-baked cookie in the shape of a star, tree or bell, being shown the cookies as a visual cue. Students are instructed to use full sentences (ex: “Can I have a bell?”) as opposed to simply replying with a single work or reaching for what they would like.

Next, students were asked what color frosting they wanted: red, yellow, green or white; again being shown the available frostings as a visual cue. With three students for four tubs of frosting, students practiced waiting their turn and passing their tub of frosting (using appropriate language) to another student when finished.

Finally . . . sprinkles! Again, students could request sprinkles of different colors and were encouraged to share sprinkles with their classmates, (and to speak politely when asking for sprinkles.)

Students sampled their cookies in class, and took their remaining cookies – and their lessons learned – home.






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