Cookie Excavation

As part of their continuing studies of ancient civilizations, Ms. Kuehnle’s students are learning about archeology. A recent activity gave them a glimpse of the challenges archeologists face, with tasty results!

Archeologists* study people who lived in the past, primarily by excavating and learning from artifacts. Artifacts are objects made or used by people such as jars, tools, and jewelry. When excavating, artifacts archeologists must dig very carefully so they do not damage or overlook artifacts.

Ms. Kuehnle’s students were challenged to excavate chocolate chips from purchased cookies using wooden toothpicks or skewers. They experienced the difficulty of removing chips without damaging them. Students were also amazed how many chips were hidden within the cookie, requiring slow, careful work.

*Note – Archeologists should not be confused with paleontologists who study plants, animals, and other types of life through their fossils.

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