Community Experiences Offer Valuable Learning Opportunities

Monarch display at Krohn Conservatory

Community-based experiences are an important part of student learning at Linden Grove School.

Whether it’s attending a theatrical performance, exploring a museum or nature park, touring local businesses to learn about different careers or going out to eat to practice proper social skills and speech, all experiences connect kids to our community and provide opportunities for learning and engagement.

Arts performances occur for Linden Grove School students throughout the year, most notably the productions of The Children’s Theatre of Cincinnati. Studies have shown attending live theatre performances enhance literary knowledge and emotional learning in ways reading and watching movies cannot. And productions provide learning opportunities on a range of topics. Peter Pan JR, for example, is filled with topics ranging from Victorian England and the difference between a crocodile and an alligator to why parents sometimes seem bossy and what people can do to help lost boys (and girls) here in Cincinnati.

Museums, nature parks, and similar organizations offer unique, hands-on learning opportunities to engage students and create memorable experiences. Permanent and special exhibits at Cincinnati attractions engage students on subjects ranging from Monarch butterflies to the use of energy in simple and complex machines. Activities led by trained staff also encourage communication, observation, and critical thinking skills.

Worksite visits helps students learn about local resources, as well as provide career exploration opportunities. Students see how computers and machines are used in manufacturing facilities, or learn about the equipment and team-approach of a working restaurant. Students also learn about other types of skills important for the workforce such as problem-solving, communication, and cooperation

Additional community-based experiences exist beyond this short list – each with its own unique opportunities for learning and engagement.

For all of the organizations and businesses who host students of Linden Grove or other schools – thank you!

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