Colorful Chemical Reactions

Ms. Wagner’s K-2 students have been learning about chemical reactions, using very colorful resources!

In one activity, students made playdough from flour, salt, water and oil, with a little food coloring to make it more fun!  

First, students stirred together flour and salt – the ingredients were physically combined but there was no chemical reaction.


Next, water, oil and food coloring were added – when the ingredients were kneaded together a chemical reaction took place and a new substance (playdough) was formed.

In another activity, (this time outside!) students wrapped small water bottles with playdough to form volcanoes. When first baking soda and food coloring were added to the bottle, and then vinegar, a colorful eruption was created!

Thanks to Ms. Wagner, with support from Miss Eagan and Mrs. Detzel, for facilitating these fun – and colorful – learning activities!

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