Coding a Mouse in a Maze

2-4 team students have been learning about computer coding with a Code & Go™ Robot Mouse Activity Set by Learning Resources®.

The objective is to program the mouse to reach the cheese.

Green tiles form the base for the maze; purple walls create barriers for the mouse to maneuver through. Students program the steps the mouse needs to complete to reach the cheese – they push arrows on the mouse’s back to “program” the number of steps forward, right or left to maneuver through the maze.

As students (and Colby the Mouse) master one maze, the tiles and barriers can be reconfigured to create new mazes.

To learn more about the Code & Go™ Mouse visit Learning Resources.



Added note: students have also been learning the basics of creating a sequence using Code-a-Pillar. Students can add segments to the Code-a-Pillar head to instruct it to go forward, left or right.



  • Inside LGS

  • Community Events