Charyut. Kyungnet. Junbi.

As part of this year’s summer activities, LGS provided weekly Taekwondo classes for students led by Ahn Taekwondo Institute. Ahn Taekwondo instructors have been engaging and instructing LGS students for more than 15 years. In the final class of the summer, all students broke boards with kicks and then took their broken boards home as a memento.

Taekwondo offers a range of benefits for kids of all ages and abilities, but particularly benefits kids with autism by helping them build gross motor skills, curb impulsive behavior, learn ways to focus on individual tasks, improve levels of listening, and more.

Linden Grove School is grateful to Ahn Taekwondo Institute for their long-standing support of LGS students. For information on their programs for students and families visit their website.

*Attention. Bow. Ready.

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