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Puzzle Day

Linden Grove School recently celebrated National Puzzle Day!

Students of all ages worked jigsaw puzzles by themselves or in groups; on the floor, on desks and even on SMART Boards®!  With the help of Mrs. Kubachka and other staff, some students made puzzles out of their own artwork.

And there were other puzzles for students to work on including crosswords, Sudoku, word finds and more.

Of particular interest this year was a large puzzle with a photo of LGS staff and students donated by Lisa Siekman. The students enjoyed finding pictures of themselves and their classmates while putting he puzzle together. Thank you Mrs. Siekman!


Students, Write on Your Desks – Please!

How awesome.

Linden Grove School students get to write on their desks!

Using dry erase markers – the markers used on white boards in classrooms and offices – students can do math problems on their desks.

It’s so much cooler than doing math problems in a workbook or a single sheet of paper.

And it allows teachers like Mrs. Kubachka, assisted by Mr. Lovaas, to select math problems for each individual student depending on how easily they are grasping a particular concept. Most recently, students of the 4-6 Team were learning how to multiply by powers of ten. (You remember: 7.32 x 10 = 73.2, or 9 x 103 = 9,000.)

In other schools, students might get in trouble for writing on desks. But at Linden Grove School, it helps make learning fun!

Let’s Get Moving!

Linden Grove School physical education students started out 2017 by setting fitness goals with the help of Mr. Foster.

The goals are displayed on a 2nd floor bulletin board with the title: “Let’s Get Moving!”

Students listed various activities for living a healthier lifestyle ranging from “play with my brother” and “work harder in gym class,” to “play Kinect” and “do cartwheels twice a week.”

LGS staff members were motivated to add fitness goals to the bulletin board as well, so don’t be surprised if you see some walking around the building during their lunch period of after school.

Stay tuned for more great updates from PE teacher Ms. Foster. We’re looking forward to outdoor activities when the weather gets warmer, and hearing more about student preparations to complete the Flying Pig Marathon distance in increments.

In the meantime, LET’S GET MOVING!


Gavin Duryea helps Ms. Foster set up bowling pins during a recent PE class.


Attack of the Eukaryotes and Prokaryotes!

Hanging outside Mr. Loar’s classroom on the first floor you’ll find some interesting multi-media art depicting  . . .

cell biology!

More specifically, prokaryotic cells and eukaryotic cells.

Prokaryotic cells, the simple cells of organisms like bacteria, are sometimes compared to one-room cabins: they don’t have internal membranes, so they’re like a single room with no walls to carve it up.

Eukaryotic cells, on the other hand, are like a large family home split into many rooms with different purposes (bedrooms, bathrooms, kitchen, living room, etc.) Eukaryotic cells contain a variety of different compartments with specialized functions, neatly separated from one another by layers of membrane.

So what kind of cells are human beings made up of?


Human bodies are composed of trillions of cells, including lots of different types of eukaryotic cells that make up different organs. But human bodies ae include prokaryotic cells such as bacteria. But don’t be afraid – these bacteria do more good than harm.

Students Take Aim with Simple Machines

Catapult Challenge-6

Winter Break is fast approaching, but students of Mr. Kennedy and Mr. Loar remain focused on their lessons. Among their assignments is the challenge to design the best use of a lever to move an object; more specifically, designing a catapult to launch a marshmallow at a target.

The students were challenged to build a catapult using craft sticks and rubber bands. Mr. Kennedy’s students also used a spoon to hold the load (i.e., a marshmallow), while Mr. Loar’s students opted for a washer glued to a craft stick. Catapults were then used to launch marshmallows at a target.

Why rubber bands? What about glue—how would that change the catapult’s performance?

More importantly, how does the distance from the fulcrum to the load alter the trajectory of the marshmallow?

So how did the students do?

Mr. Loar’s classes won the catapult challenge with an average of 76.25 points per student. Mr. Kennedy’s classes had an average of 68.33 points per student. Nine students out of 17 total students individually scored over 80 points.

Winter break may be only hours away, but know that our students remain focused on their studies, (while having a bit of fun, as well!)


Local Company Gives LGS Students VIP Tour

Process Pump & Seal, Inc., founded in Cincinnati in 1984, recently welcomed LGS students for a behind-the-scenes tour of their local manufacturing facility. The company sells and services pumps, sealing devices, and specialty chemical products to a wide range of industrial, commercial, and municipal customers throughout five states. 

Students of LGS applied skills and robotics classes witnessed how programming and robotics are used even in small industrial plants. Process Pump makes and produces large steel and iron pumps for buildings, sewers, damns, and other uses; students saw how to program a machine to cut metal into shape for use by the pumps. They were also shown how to clean, polish, paint and assemble parts for a pump.

The most impressive parts of the tour were when they experienced how the plant used hydraulics to lift large heavy pumps ad pips around the facility and onto a truck bed, and when they were able to reach into a sand blaster using long glove-like arms to clean rust off of metal.

Many students agreed it was a “cool” experience, and it was definitely exciting to see programming and engineering at work.

Thank you to Process Pump & Seal for taking time out of their work day for students from Linden Grove School!

45 – 19 = BINGO!

Mrs. Bachman teaches subtraction skills using bingo.
Mrs. Bachman teaches subtraction skills using bingo.

Linden Grove School’s 2-4 team students recently had fun playing bingo while improving their math skills.

Students first completed a worksheet of double-digit subtraction problems, many with regrouping; (that is, “borrowing” from another column as in the example in the title above.)

Once they finished all of their subtraction problems correctly, the students cut each problem out of their worksheet and then pasted them on their own bingo card.

And then the real fun began.

Mrs. Bachman called out numbers and students had to search among the problem solutions for a match.

And when students play Subtraction Bingo, everyone wins!

Students Code Games to Celebrate Computer Science Week

Hour of Code-1In celebration of Computer Science Education Week, Linden Grove School students took part in the “Hour of Code” campaign.

“Hour of Code” is a worldwide initiative dedicated to expanding access to computer science. It was created based on the idea that every student in every school should have the opportunity to learn computer science, just like biology, chemistry or algebra.

Hour of Code’s website offers one-hour tutorials on coding for students age 4 to 104 in 45 different languages on topics ranging from Puppies for pre-readers to Star Wars and sports games. For those who want to go “Beyond an Hour of Code,” there are also extended online tutorials.

Some of the projects LGS students worked on were coding their own “flappy bird” or Star Wars themed games.


Getting to Know Community Helpers

Linden Grove School’s K-2 Team welcomed some very special guests during their recent unit on Community Helpers.

Firemen and Paramedics Bill Fitzpatric and “Crazy Mike” Kramer from the Sycamore Township Fire Department spent a Monday afternoon with the students. Crazy Mike showed them his equipment including his “backpack” which consisted of a heavy tank of air to breath in a room full of smoke. He also put on his full gear, piece-by-piece, so if the students ever do see a fireman in a big suit and face mask they will know the fireman is a friend who is there to help. Afterwards, the students saw the firetruck with ladder fully extended.

The students also welcomed officers Fritz and Nash from the Hamilton County Sheriff’s Office. The officers talked with the students about what to do when approached by a stranger and also showed them some of their equipment. In appreciation for their time, each student presented the officers with a “high five” thank you and then received a badge and coloring book. Finally, everyone went outside to see and sit inside a sheriff’s vehicle.

Many thanks to our special guests and all of our community helpers!




Students Give Back on Giving Tuesday

2016 Giving Tuesday-4
2016 Giving Tuesday-1

This year, LGS Applied Skills students joined the Giving Tuesday movement.

Giving Tuesday—the Tuesday after Thanksgiving—is a global effort encouraging people to give to help those less fortunate in their community whether it’s a gift of time, a financial contribution, donated items, or simply giving the power of your voice to raise awareness about a cause or organization.

For their contribution, the Applied Skills students discussed what it means to be homeless and how homeless people might feel during the holiday season. The students decided to put together care packages and came up with a list of items to include: toothbrush, toothpaste, bar of soap, wipes, tissues, deodorant, Chapstick, peanut butter crackers, water bottle, mints and a handwritten note.

The items were purchased with some of the money the students earned from Café 201 and the Grovery. On Giving Tuesday, the students put together four care packages including the handwritten notes. That evening, Applied Skills teacher Mrs. Boone and Mrs. Parker went downtown and while there saw exactly four homeless people. They asked each one if they wanted the care package and they each said yes.

Thank you to Mrs. Boone and Mrs. Parker for supporting the students’ project to give back.

And a special thank you to the students – may your efforts inspire people to join the Giving Tuesday movement.

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