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A series of exercises executed by tossing bean bags or bouncing balls in a steady rhythm.

The exercises have proven benefits for students including:

  • Increased confidence and self-discipline – Impulsivity decreases and attention spans increase. Physical coordination and body rhythm are enhanced. Stress is more easily managed.
  • Visual fitness improves – Eye tracking and focused attention improve, which accelerate classroom study, homework and test-taking performance.
  • Auditory skills are enhanced – Rhythmic patterns stimulate a new awareness of the nuances of sound. Listening and communication skills improve.

Bal-A-Viz-X has been utilized selectively at Linden Grove School in the past, but beginning in the 2016-2017 school year will be fully incorporated into the curriculum. With the addition of a full-time Sensory Coordinator – the only position of its kind in the Greater Cincinnati area and likely in the nation – we will able to work with small groups of students and even one-on-one to achieve results more quickly.

Watch the videos below to see our students demonstrate examples of Bal-A-Vix-X exercise.


Students Explore Da Vinci—The Genius

Students traveled back in time to explore the creative genius of Leonardo da Vinci hands-on.

On a field trip to the Da Vinci exhibit at the Cincinnati Museum Center, our team of students and staff from grades 6 through 8 explored life-size reproductions of dozens of Da Vinci’s inventions ranging from a flying machine to a deep-water diving suit. Wooden machines created opportunities to learn about the science behind Da Vinci’s inventions with chances to push, pull, crank and spin. And an animated analysis of Da Vinci’s most famous painting “Mona Lisa” brought the Renaissance to life.

Da Vinci Exhibit-3
No exhibit Da Vinci would be complete without the Mona Lisa (not actual size!) Shown left to right: Max Siekman, Lindsey Parker, Max Steinberg, Brendon Sears, Caleb Smith.
Da Vinci Exhibit-2
Kiely Boone lends a hand to Avery Schonberg at one of the many hands-on exhibits.
Da Vinci Exhibit-1
Max Rauch activates a wooden machine explaining the science behind Da Vinci’s inventions.














Have Pumpkin, Will Race!

2016 Great Pumpkin Race-1Linden Grove School was one of the many teams who joined in the friendly—and often hilarious—competition of The Great Pumpkin Race 2016 to benefit the Autism Society of Greater Cincinnati.

Each pumpkin racer entered in the competition is built from a pumpkin, two independent axles with wheels attached, and a great deal of creativity and ingenuity. The racers are then released down a ramp, rolling (we hope!) across the finish line,

Students designed and built the entry for Linden Grove School this year. And, for the third year in a row, LGS won “Best Branding” for its Star Wars-inspired theme:

“Awesome, Linden Grove is.”

Thank you to all of our friends and supporters who came down to the Holy Grail near Great American Ballpark to cheer us on and share in the fun!


2016 Great Pumpkin Race-2


2016 Great Pumpkin Race-3


Linden Grove School – A Community That CARES

A Community That Cares

At the beginning of each school year, and throughout the year as well, Linden Grove School focuses on creating a community that CARES—a community where students and staff practice and develop the social skills of Cooperation, Acceptance, Responsibility, Empathy and Self-Control.

To get us started, each week in September we focus on a new letter and the skill associated with it. At an all-school assembly on Friday, student teams share what they learned that week about what demonstrates that particular skill.

A fun component of this program is our “CARES TICKET” earning system – students receive tickets when they demonstrate the skill for the week and then use their tickets to win prizes.

Progressive! Partnerships! Potential and Parents!

The crux of what’s in store for another great year at LGS.

STEM Lab at Linden Grove
Noah Broerman and Christian Fuson explore some of the robotics equipment in the new STEM Lab. This addition to LGS will offer hands-on learning activities in Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics.

Our Progressive nature is one of the reasons we have fantastic student re-enrollment and staff retention. With dollars raised from last year’s Signature Event we transformed one of our classrooms into a STEM* Lab. We also implemented a new full time position: Sensory Coordinator.  As the only school in the Greater Cincinnati Area to offer this position and likely the only school in the nation, we thank Dawn Klinczar, veteran LGS Teacher of 16 years, for stepping into this unique role.

Strong Partnerships elevate our services and allow us to meet more needs within the community.  Our relationship with The Children’s Home of Cincinnati Autism High School continues to grow and in September LGS started providing afterschool clubs to CHOC students, including Bowling, Robotics, and Resilient Teen. We are also partnering with Montessori Academy of Cincinnati to provide reverse inclusion opportunities for LGS students and service-related opportunities for their students. 

Brush Therapy
Gavin Duryea relaxes in a brush therapy session with Sensory Coordinator Dawn Klinczar. Brush therapy helps normalize sensory processing, increasing students’ ability to function within the school setting.

Potential…our students’ full potential is always at the forefront. Given many of our students’ natural inclination to tinker, we hope to develop a School Makerspace which will provide hands-on, creative ways to encourage students to design, build and invent. We hope for this initiative to be supported through a grant and/or donations.

Our Parents work exhaustively to support their children and LGS, and this year we want to celebrate with them and recognize all they do. Already parents have been building furniture, planning fun social events, chaperoning field trips, cleaning the building, serving as board members or on board committees, and much more! In return, our staff are preparing new Parent Evenings that consist of samplings of LGS specialized programs, make-it and take-it workshops for at-home strategies, and most importantly…a monthly Parents Night Out!

So LGS community…welcome back to another year of success. Don’t forget to dot your i’s, cross your t’s, and proceed with our 4 P’s!


*Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics

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