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All Systems Go!

The human body is even more impressive than the most complicated machines.

All of our bodies have the same basic parts, more or less. These parts combine into different systems, each with a different purpose; but all of the systems are interconnected. If one or more of the systems aren’t working properly, the body can’t run smoothly. Continue reading “All Systems Go!”

Reasons to Love LGS!

This week staff, students and supporters celebrated their love for LGS.

New families and long-term friends shared what they loved most about LGS through displays in the school hallways, emails and social media posts. And everyone got into the spirit by wearing green and “I Love LGS” buttons and stickers.

For the “Top 10 Reasons to Love LGS” click here.



You be the Architect



Continuing their study of Ancient Egypt, Ms. Ballard’s social studies students were given a challenge: construct the biggest pyramid you can using the provided blocks.

To confirm which student did indeed construct the biggest pyramid, the students were then challenged to calculate how many blocks were in each construction Continue reading “You be the Architect”

Around the World for the Holidays

With Thanksgiving behind us, some of our 6-8 team social studies students are traveling around the world learning about different holiday traditions.

Each student has a “passport” which is stamped when they “visit” a country, and a “suitcase” to carry momentos from their travels. When “visiting”  Mexico, for example, and learning about Las Posadas, students made replicas of poinsettias whose red and green foliage is often used in holiday displays.

Not only does this holiday-themed unit reinforce students’ knowledge of countries around the globe, it encourages an interest and appreciation of diverse cultures and traditions.

And, of course, LGS students and staff wish everyone – whatever your traditions – a memorable holiday season.

Mountain, Warrior, Cobra and More

Throughout the year, Ms. Foster’s Physical Education classes encourage students to participate in activities ranging from training for the Flying Pig Kids Marathon, to learning basic soccer skills, to improving their bowling score. Students frequently discover new interests and new talents, inspiring them to maintain a lifetime of physical activity and perhaps become involved in fitness groups or sports teams.

Most recently, Ms. Foster’s students learned about yoga which is not only beneficial for developing balance, strength and flexibility; it also encourages increased self-awareness and self-regulation.

Continue reading “Mountain, Warrior, Cobra and More”

Greek Myths: Importance Then and Now

6-8 team social studies students have been studying Ancient Civilizations – most recently their gods and goddesses – encouraging the students’ understanding and appreciation of different cultures, whether across the world or in different eras.

In learning about Greek mythology, for example, students consider “What meanings did the myths have for the ancient Greeks?” and “What meanings do the Greek myths have for us today?”

Continue reading “Greek Myths: Importance Then and Now”

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