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The Great Cookie Dunk

Mrs. Wink’s 2-4 Team science students recently had an opportunity to compare items that floated in liquid and those that didn’t—with tasty results!

Students watched a video showing various items that sank in water (a treasure chest and a rock) and other things that floated (an ice cube and a hollow boat). They talked about different characteristics that seem to affect an object’s ability to float, including its weight and its shape.*

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Blotter Bugs, Blooms and Butterflies

LGS students recently learned about color mixing while creating “blotter bugs”.

First they learned/reviewed that red, yellow and blue are primary colors—these are the colors used to create all the other colors of the rainbow! When two primary colors are mixed together, the result is a secondary color: red + yellow = orange, yellow + blue = green, blue + red = purple.

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Cooler than Caterpillars

Watching live caterpillars transform into butterflies is a regular part of LGS student activities in the spring. The life cycle of a butterfly—including egg, larva, pupal, and adult stage—is an example of a complete metamorphosis, when one thing changes into something completely different.

Mrs. Hoffman’s students, however, have been learning about another example of a complete metamorphosis: that of the mealworm and how it is affected by its habitat.

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A Colorful, Fun Approach to Learning Grammar

Learning grammar can be dry and sometimes daunting.

Mrs. Bachman’s interactive Language Wall is helping to make learning grammar colorful and even fun!

Each week, Mrs. Bachman chooses a sentence from something the class is reading. She then writes the sentence on a white board which serves as the Language Wall. The kids like searching for the sentence or guessing where it is from!

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Sweet Start to Hispanic Heritage Month

To mark the beginning of Hispanic Heritage Month, an LGS mom baked biscochitos as a special treat for LGS staff members. Biscochitos are similar to shortbread or butter cookies but with their own unique flavor twist. The biscochito dough is made with a generous amount of crushed anise seeds as well as a hint of orange and cinnamon. They’re covered in cinnamon sugar and practically melt in your mouth.

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Encouraging a Relationship with the Library

“We’re going to the library!”

Ms. Wagner’s K-2 students’ wave good-bye as they walk two-by-two down the school hallway and out the front door to the Deer Park branch of the Cincinnati Public Library. Throughout the school year, students will visit the library on the second and fourth Friday of each month. They will enjoy stories, songs, or other activities; and receive assistance in identifying new books related to students’ interests.

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Olympics Fever

Linden Grove School’s Summer Camp is celebrating the 2021 Summer Olympics!

Students learned about the history of the Olympics back to Ancient Greece and also the events of the 2021 Olympics including gymnastics, swimming, track and field, volleyball, basketball . . . even baseball!

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What’s Your Sign?

As part of this year’s space-themed Summer Camp week, 6-8 Team students learned about constellations, particularly the 12 constellations in the zodiac family. The highlight of the week was a trip to the Drake Planetarium where students and staff enjoyed a multi-media experience in the planetarium’s dome room.

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