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Preparing for Inauguration Day 2021

4-6 Team students have been preparing for Inauguration Day 2021 by learning about what traditionally occurs on the day, and what will be different this year.

New this year, for example, the evening before Inauguration Day will include a lighting ceremony at the Lincoln Memorial honoring American lives lost due to COVID-19. The ceremony will take place January 19 at 5:30 p.m., and communities across the country are invited to join by lighting buildings and ringing church bells.

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Increasing Mental Focus through Calm Classroom

Breathe . . .   Visualize . . . .  Stretch . . . . 

LGS students and staff benefit from brief calming exercises two or three times a day: in the morning and after recess and/or lunch. The exercises utilize breathing techniques, visualizations, and stretches/movements to encourage a greater sense of self-awareness, mental focus, and emotional resilience.

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