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Crazy Hats!

Linden Grove School’s monthly “Spirit Days” encourage students — and staff — to show their personal style by wearing their favorite fan gear, PJs, superhero apparel, etc.

October’s “Spirit Day” was Crazy Hat Day. Top hats, furry hats, whirly hats and more were worn by students and staff.

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Sampler offers insights into Programs, Supports

Linden Grove School’s annual Program Sampler offers parents insight into some of the specialized teaching methods, resources and therapies that help students achieve success.

The evening consists of 15-minute sessions on various topics, with multiple presentations during each session so parents can chose the presentations you want to attend based on your child’s strengths and challenges.

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The First Six Weeks of School

The first six weeks of a new school year is a period for introductions and establishing expectations.

Students are introduced to staff and classmates, as well as their classrooms and the entire school environment. Students are given time to explore resources – including classroom quiet corners, playground equipment, sensory supplies, and more – and to learn how to use them and care for them.

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