Casper Encourages Friendship, Avoiding Judgment

Reality TV celebrity Magdalena Monteverde hosts a “Find the Deed Treasure Hunt” in a haunted mansion on Halloween. The winning contestant could receive $1 million! Magdalena Monteverde wants the deed to the house—not because she wants the house, but because she thinks it will lead her to ‘the greatest treasure of all.’

That’s the premise of CASPER the Friendly Musical performed by The Children’s Theatre of Cincinnati (TCT) at the Taft Theatre.

TCT”s production if Casper offers a great illustration of what it means to be an “active” friend: reaching out to others with kindness and generosity. for example, how might you reach out to a new student in school to make them feel welcome? Friendship is, according to the script, ‘the greatest treasure of all.’

Casper also offers insight into how looks can be deceiving. When people first encounter Casper, they are typically terrified and flee in fear based on their assumptions about the nature of ghosts. Casper’s friendly nature actively contradicts his ghostly appearance, reinforcing the longstanding cliché to “never judge a book by its cover.”

LGS students and staff enjoy TCT productions each year, including sensory friendly performances. Traveling downtown Cincinnati to the Taft Theatre not only offers an opportunity for students to practice positive behaviors and social skills in a community setting; live theatrical productions enhance emotional learning in ways books and movies cannot.

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