Blotter Bugs, Blooms and Butterflies

LGS students recently learned about color mixing while creating “blotter bugs”.

First they learned/reviewed that red, yellow and blue are primary colors—these are the colors used to create all the other colors of the rainbow! When two primary colors are mixed together, the result is a secondary color: red + yellow = orange, yellow + blue = green, blue + red = purple.

Next, students received white paper with a fold down the center. Added to the paper were drops of two primary colors and then—and here’s the fun part—students folded the paper in half and then rub/smooth the paper down, so the paint spreads out toward the edges of the paper. Then students open the paper to see a mingling of the original primary colors, as well as the new secondary color they made! They then repeated the process with the remaining two combinations of colors. Then students placed their paintings on the art room drying rack to dry overnight.

The next day, students cut out the shapes created by the paint mixing. In some instances the shapes looked like bugs, while in others flowers or butterflies. They then glued all three shapes on a sheet of colored construction paper and decorated the background. Students could also use markers to decorate their shapes.

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