Be Like Iggy!   

Some kids build with LEGO™, others construct great block towers, and still more sculpt with sand or clay.

But none are better at building than Iggy Peck, who built a Sphinx on his front lawn out of dirt clods and a replica of the St. Louis arch out of pancakes!

Unfortunately, Iggy’s second grade teacher Miss Greer didn’t appreciate his talent until a fateful class trip to the park proved how useful a master builder can be . . . .

Students and adults are sure to enjoy the book Iggy Peck, Architect by Andrea Beaty as much as Mrs. Bachman’s students.

After reading the story, Mrs. Bachman’s students were challenged to build their own structures using toothpicks and marshmallows. The students showed great creativity, building items ranging from pyramids, to houses, to ladders.



While Iggy Peck, Architect can inspire students to use creativity and critical thinking to build structures out of unusual objects, there is a more important lesson for students and adults of all ages: the importance of pursuing you passion, and what happens when teachers or other adults stifle that passion.

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