A series of exercises executed by tossing bean bags or bouncing balls in a steady rhythm.

The exercises have proven benefits for students including:

  • Increased confidence and self-discipline – Impulsivity decreases and attention spans increase. Physical coordination and body rhythm are enhanced. Stress is more easily managed.
  • Visual fitness improves – Eye tracking and focused attention improve, which accelerate classroom study, homework and test-taking performance.
  • Auditory skills are enhanced – Rhythmic patterns stimulate a new awareness of the nuances of sound. Listening and communication skills improve.

Bal-A-Viz-X has been utilized selectively at Linden Grove School in the past, but beginning in the 2016-2017 school year will be fully incorporated into the curriculum. With the addition of a full-time Sensory Coordinator – the only position of its kind in the Greater Cincinnati area and likely in the nation – we will able to work with small groups of students and even one-on-one to achieve results more quickly.

Watch the videos below to see our students demonstrate examples of Bal-A-Vix-X exercise.


  • Inside LGS

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