AIMS Program Increases EF Skills, Confidence

6-8 Team students, staff, and parents recently completed a specialized program to help students improve the executive functions (EFs) key to achieving academic success. Added benefits included improved confidence and social interactions.

Achieving Independence and Mastery in School (AIMS) is a 32-week program developed to help middle school students who struggle with social communication skills improve executive functions. These adolescents typically have EF deficits that impact their skill to start assignments, organize materials, plan and prioritize assignments, and study effectively for tests. The program helps students master strategies such as organizing a backpack, binder, locker, and computer files; using a planner to track and prioritize tasks; setting up an effective homework system; using study cards; and other learning tools.

LGS staff leads for the program received training last summer. Parents were invited to attend three evening sessions during the program implementation period not only to receive an overview of classroom activities, but also to provide insight on improved student study habits and behaviors at home.

Increase in Autism Rates Confirms Need for Continued Growth

Plan for Growth Single Tree1 in 44 children has autism spectrum disorder (ASD) according to new data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) released in December 2021. A similar report released by the CDC in March 2020 found that 1 in 54 children had autism. In 2000, the rate was 1 in 150.

Linden Grove School’s 2020-2023 Strategic Plan: A Plan for Growth embodies the commitment of LGS trustees, staff, and supporters to help the increasing number of students with autism become valued, participating members of our community. During the current school year, strategies for growth include:

  • Increased physical space through LGS’s new Middle School building;
  • Enhanced instruction for students and parents, especially in regard to executive functioning skills;
  • Expanded partnerships to help students develop interests and skills for community participation;
  • Increased financial resources for program expansion as well as long-term sustainability.

See more information on LGS’s 2020-2023 Strategic Plan.

Significant Gift Received to Establish LGS Endowment

Arleene Keller, a former LGS Board member and long-time supporter, recently made a significant gift to help establish an endowment for the school. Arleene Keller’s generosity will help ensure the long-term sustainability of LGS for the benefit of students and families in our community.


Local High School Students Encourage Confidence and Friendships at LGS

Mount Notre Dame (MND) and St. Xavier (St. X) high school volunteers are providing valuable supports and encouragement to LGS students throughout the 2021-2022 school year. Through the BeYOUtiful program, MND students encourage confidence among LGS students of all ages during after school activities and after-care. As part of their Learn to Serve class, St. X students promote friendship among LGS 6-8 Team students during recess, and provide supports during afternoon academic classes.

Below: Mount Notre Dame volunteers encourage LGS students in after school activities (center); St. Xavier volunteers interact with students in the classroom (left) and on the playground (right).

Carrie Cariello Guest Speaker for In-Person Signature Event

Carrie CarielloThe 2022 Signature Event will feature guest speaker Carrie Cariello, author of What Color is Monday?: How Autism Changed One Family for the Better and Someone I’m with has Autism. The event will be held Saturday, May 21, in the Grand Ballroom of the Savannah Center in West Chester Township. The evening will include dinner, auction, entertainment, prizes, and more.

Carrie lives in Southern New Hampshire with her husband, Joe, and their five children. She is a regular contributor to HuffPost and The TODAY Show, has been interviewed by NBC Nightly News, and also has a TEDx talk. She speaks regularly about autism, marriage, and motherhood, and writes a weekly blog at www.carriecariello.com.

For information on Signature Event sponsorship opportunities and other ways to be involved, contact Christina Waddle, Director of Development at 513-426-7105 or cwaddle@lindengroveschool.org.

Using Words to Fill Buckets

With the help of Mrs. Kinnear, 2-4 Team students are learning how to use words to fill buckets and have their own bucket filled in return.

Mrs. Kinnear read students a book by Carol McCloud, author of a series of “bucket” books beginning with Have you Filled a Bucket Today? The books are based on the idea that we all carry around an invisible bucket that holds good thoughts and good feelings about ourselves.

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Marking a Milestone

The 100th Day of School is a major milestone in elementary school classrooms. LGS K-4 students marked the occasion with a range of fun and tasty classroom activities.

Ms. Wagner’s K-2 students practiced counting by tens and fives on the 100th Day of School. They made hats composed of ten strips decorated with 10 items on each strip. They also created a wall display of 20 pieces of a paper decorated with 5 items each.

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Good-Luck Dragons

In anticipation of the Chinese New Year, art students are creating Chinese dragons by brightly coloring pre-printed dragon parts, assembling the parts, and adding other materials.

Chinese dragons are viewed differently from the dragons of the Western world. They’re not the fire-breathing dangerous dragons of books and movies but are seen as lucky and good. Chinese dragons also look different from Western interpretations of dragons, tending to be longer and more snake like than their Western counterparts.

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Breaking the Force

Mrs. Hoffman’s science students are learning about the force of magnetism by conducting experiments using balance scales, washers, plastic spacers, and magnets.

One end of the scales included a magnet on the top of a post. When another magnet was dropped into the cup above the post, a magnetic force was created. Students then added washers to the opposite end of the balance until the force between the magnets was broken.

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Creating a School Community

Imagine you are a student starting at a new school. What would be on your mind? You might be wondering, “Will I make friends here?” Or, “Will my teachers like me? Will they care about me?”

Schools with strong sense of community help students feel safe and supported, and give them a sense of “connectedness” and “belonging.” This, in turn, increases academic achievement, helps students develop social and emotional competencies, and reduces negative behaviors.

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