Parent Educational Opportunities Provide Tools and Support

Educational opportunities ensure parents have the tools to actively support their child’s development and learning, and help parents feel supported.

Linden Grove School’s Program Samplers offer parents 25-minute sessions led by school staff on topics such as Functions of Behavior, Using Visuals at Home, Anxiety & Your Child, Interoception, Echolalia, and Choosing a High School. Additional sessions offer overviews on some of the specialized programs utilized at LGS including Lindamood-Bell Talkies® and Visualizing and Verbalizing®, Orton-Gillingham, and TouchMath.

LGS also provides parents with information on opportunities available through the Autism Society of Greater Cincinnati and other community partners.

And Linden Grove School regularly seeks extraordinary educational opportunities. Currently, in partnership with Cincinnati Children’s Hospital, LGS middle school students are participating in Achieving Independence and Mastery in School (AIMS), a school-based intervention program developed to help students improve executive functioning and other skills to increase academic success; AIMS also includes four educational sessions for parents.

Ahn’s Taekwondo Continues 15+ Years of Support Amid Expanding LGS Recreational Opportunities

Ahn Taekwondo Institute has offered instruction at LGS during the school year and summer for more than 15 years. Students learn basic motions, forms, and techniques while working on coordination, flexibility, listening, cooperation, and more. During the school year, students can test up to the next color belt. At the end of summer classes, students break boards using kicks and then take their broken boards home as a memento.

Additional recreational opportunities offered by LGS in 2021-2022 include a Tech & Gaming Club, arts and crafts, basic and intermediate soccer skills classes, and individual music lessons.

LGS also supports and promotes a range of recreational activities for students throughout Greater Cincinnati. For example, LGS staff have provided cooking classes through the Autism Society of Greater Cincinnati, and the school promotes opportunities such as the Mason Challenger League baseball program.

Left to right: Maggie Wesley mixes light to dark shades of fall colors; Charlotte Baringhaus shows off her Mickey Mouse-shaped pretzel ready for the oven; and Nathan Titzer practices brush strokes in art.

After School 1 After School-2 After School 3

Back-to-School Socials Encourage Familiarity, Interactions

LGS hosts an Open House and back-to-school social for students and parents in advance of every school year. Students visit their homeroom, meet teachers, locate their coat hook or locker, and explore class resources. Students also participate in a scavenger hunt for other important places like sensory rooms and the music room. Parents can interact with teachers and other specialists in a relaxed environment.

Left to right: kindergarten student Jameson Duryea enjoys a bin of building blocks at his desk; William Potter enjoys a swing in the second floor sensory room; and Ryan Ballard strums one of the guitars in the music room.

Open House 3

Plan for Growth Apparent as 2021-2022 School Year Begins

This fall Linden Grove School welcomed 99 students and 57 staff members—the school’s largest enrollment and team of professionals to date. Further, this will be the first full school year 6-8 Team students will attend classes in LGS’s new Middle School building, with remaining LGS students spread throughout the three floors of the main school building.

Increased enrollment and physical space are just two aspects of Linden Grove School’s “Plan for Growth”—a multi-year Strategic Plan with inter-related goals approved by LGS’s Board of Trustees in July 2020. Also included are strategies to increase learning and recreational opportunities for students and families, expand staff recruitment and training programs, and grow LGS’s financial resources for the continued delivery of quality programs as well as the school’s long-term sustainability.

For more information, see LGS’s 2020-2023 Strategic Plan—A Plan for Growth.

Photo: Mrs. Kuehnle’s classroom in the Middle School building.

Cooler than Caterpillars

Watching live caterpillars transform into butterflies is a regular part of LGS student activities in the spring. The life cycle of a butterfly—including egg, larva, pupal, and adult stage—is an example of a complete metamorphosis, when one thing changes into something completely different.

Mrs. Hoffman’s students, however, have been learning about another example of a complete metamorphosis: that of the mealworm and how it is affected by its habitat.

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A Colorful, Fun Approach to Learning Grammar

Learning grammar can be dry and sometimes daunting.

Mrs. Bachman’s interactive Language Wall is helping to make learning grammar colorful and even fun!

Each week, Mrs. Bachman chooses a sentence from something the class is reading. She then writes the sentence on a white board which serves as the Language Wall. The kids like searching for the sentence or guessing where it is from!

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Sweet Start to Hispanic Heritage Month

To mark the beginning of Hispanic Heritage Month, an LGS mom baked biscochitos as a special treat for LGS staff members. Biscochitos are similar to shortbread or butter cookies but with their own unique flavor twist. The biscochito dough is made with a generous amount of crushed anise seeds as well as a hint of orange and cinnamon. They’re covered in cinnamon sugar and practically melt in your mouth.

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Encouraging a Relationship with the Library

“We’re going to the library!”

Ms. Wagner’s K-2 students’ wave good-bye as they walk two-by-two down the school hallway and out the front door to the Deer Park branch of the Cincinnati Public Library. Throughout the school year, students will visit the library on the second and fourth Friday of each month. They will enjoy stories, songs, or other activities; and receive assistance in identifying new books related to students’ interests.

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