Local Company Gives LGS Students VIP Tour

Process Pump & Seal, Inc., founded in Cincinnati in 1984, recently welcomed LGS students for a behind-the-scenes tour of their local manufacturing facility. The company sells and services pumps, sealing devices, and specialty chemical products to a wide range of industrial, commercial, and municipal customers throughout five states. 

Students of LGS applied skills and robotics classes witnessed how programming and robotics are used even in small industrial plants. Process Pump makes and produces large steel and iron pumps for buildings, sewers, damns, and other uses; students saw how to program a machine to cut metal into shape for use by the pumps. They were also shown how to clean, polish, paint and assemble parts for a pump.

The most impressive parts of the tour were when they experienced how the plant used hydraulics to lift large heavy pumps ad pips around the facility and onto a truck bed, and when they were able to reach into a sand blaster using long glove-like arms to clean rust off of metal.

Many students agreed it was a “cool” experience, and it was definitely exciting to see programming and engineering at work.

Thank you to Process Pump & Seal for taking time out of their work day for students from Linden Grove School!

45 – 19 = BINGO!

Mrs. Bachman teaches subtraction skills using bingo.
Mrs. Bachman teaches subtraction skills using bingo.

Linden Grove School’s 2-4 team students recently had fun playing bingo while improving their math skills.

Students first completed a worksheet of double-digit subtraction problems, many with regrouping; (that is, “borrowing” from another column as in the example in the title above.)

Once they finished all of their subtraction problems correctly, the students cut each problem out of their worksheet and then pasted them on their own bingo card.

And then the real fun began.

Mrs. Bachman called out numbers and students had to search among the problem solutions for a match.

And when students play Subtraction Bingo, everyone wins!

Students Code Games to Celebrate Computer Science Week

Hour of Code-1In celebration of Computer Science Education Week, Linden Grove School students took part in the “Hour of Code” campaign.

“Hour of Code” is a worldwide initiative dedicated to expanding access to computer science. It was created based on the idea that every student in every school should have the opportunity to learn computer science, just like biology, chemistry or algebra.

Hour of Code’s website offers one-hour tutorials on coding for students age 4 to 104 in 45 different languages on topics ranging from Puppies for pre-readers to Star Wars and sports games. For those who want to go “Beyond an Hour of Code,” there are also extended online tutorials.

Some of the projects LGS students worked on were coding their own “flappy bird” or Star Wars themed games.


Getting to Know Community Helpers

Linden Grove School’s K-2 Team welcomed some very special guests during their recent unit on Community Helpers.

Firemen and Paramedics Bill Fitzpatric and “Crazy Mike” Kramer from the Sycamore Township Fire Department spent a Monday afternoon with the students. Crazy Mike showed them his equipment including his “backpack” which consisted of a heavy tank of air to breath in a room full of smoke. He also put on his full gear, piece-by-piece, so if the students ever do see a fireman in a big suit and face mask they will know the fireman is a friend who is there to help. Afterwards, the students saw the firetruck with ladder fully extended.

The students also welcomed officers Fritz and Nash from the Hamilton County Sheriff’s Office. The officers talked with the students about what to do when approached by a stranger and also showed them some of their equipment. In appreciation for their time, each student presented the officers with a “high five” thank you and then received a badge and coloring book. Finally, everyone went outside to see and sit inside a sheriff’s vehicle.

Many thanks to our special guests and all of our community helpers!




Students Give Back on Giving Tuesday

2016 Giving Tuesday-4
2016 Giving Tuesday-1

This year, LGS Applied Skills students joined the Giving Tuesday movement.

Giving Tuesday—the Tuesday after Thanksgiving—is a global effort encouraging people to give to help those less fortunate in their community whether it’s a gift of time, a financial contribution, donated items, or simply giving the power of your voice to raise awareness about a cause or organization.

For their contribution, the Applied Skills students discussed what it means to be homeless and how homeless people might feel during the holiday season. The students decided to put together care packages and came up with a list of items to include: toothbrush, toothpaste, bar of soap, wipes, tissues, deodorant, Chapstick, peanut butter crackers, water bottle, mints and a handwritten note.

The items were purchased with some of the money the students earned from Café 201 and the Grovery. On Giving Tuesday, the students put together four care packages including the handwritten notes. That evening, Applied Skills teacher Mrs. Boone and Mrs. Parker went downtown and while there saw exactly four homeless people. They asked each one if they wanted the care package and they each said yes.

Thank you to Mrs. Boone and Mrs. Parker for supporting the students’ project to give back.

And a special thank you to the students – may your efforts inspire people to join the Giving Tuesday movement.

2016 Giving Tuesday-32016 Giving Tuesday-22016 Giving Tuesday-5

Nice Shot, Spud!

Ask a student from our 6-8 Team about Boyle’s Law and in their mind’s eye they will see spuds fly. That’s because the students recently demonstrated Boyle’s Law using a potato launcher.

Boyle’s Law—the principle that the air pressure on a gas is inversely proportional to its volume at constant temperatures—it demonstrable with items ranging from aerosol cans to syringes to SCUBA gear.

In an aerosol can, the contents are mixed with gas under pressure high enough to render the gas into a liquid. When the nozzle is opened, however, the pressure is reduced allowing the gas to expand, and it forces its way out of the nozzle carrying the contents with it.

Drawing blood with a syringe uses Boyle’s Law in a different way. When the plunger of a syringe is pulled back, it increases the volume of the chamber inside the syringe. This reduces the pressure, creating a vacuum effect, and blood is drawn into the chamber through the needle.

Divers must keep Boyle’s Law in mind at all times. When a diver descends, the pressure around him increases forcing nitrogen into solution inside his bloodstream. If he ascends too rapidly, the dissolved nitrogen expands suddenly forming bubbles. This causes the painful and potentially life-threatening condition known as the bends.

The potato launcher used by the 6-8 Team consisted of a pvc pipe barrel, both ends of which were tamped with chunks of potato. A plunger was then used to push one piece of potato further into the barrel. As a result, the trapped gas between the two potato chunks was steadily increased until the pressure became great enough to “launch” the potato chunk on the far end.

What will our students try next? Stay tuned to find out!
























LGS Students get a Lesson in Pizza Making at Pizzeria Locale

img_0111Linden Grove students were recently welcomed at Pizzeria Locale to lean the fine art of pizza making!

The kitchen staff at the Pizzeria Locale location in Kenwood provided the Applied Skills staff and students with a demonstration of the entire dough making process. Then they let each student stretch their own ball of dough, and watch as the restaurant staff made and cooked pizzas using the dough.

Each student was provided with their own pizza to eat and then everyone was treated to a Nutella Pizza for dessert!

THANK YOU to Pizzeria Locale for being so welcoming and generous!





School House Symphony gets Two Thumbs Up



During a recent visit to Linden Grove School, students again gave the performers of School House Symphony two thumbs up!

The six-member ensemble travels the Tri-State bringing live music to elementary and junior high students. School House Symphony delivers engaging, interactive performances providing cultural enrichment as well as educational content ranging from musical concepts to the science of sound to world history.

Students have an opportunity to sit near the performers and interact with them by participating in the program and asking and answering questions.

This most recent program at Linden Grove School opened with the students demonstrating what they remembered about the various instruments played by the performers. Then the students received an overview of the forms found in music from the 1500s to the present.

School House Symphony is always a favorite at LGS, and we look forward to seeing you again soon!











Halloween Celebrations Include Costumes, Competitions and (of course) Candy

Halloween is the most anticipated celebrations of the fall season for the young and young at heart—and it’s no different at Linden Grove School. All October long we plan our costumes, stock up on candy and other treats, and get ready for a great time.

The annual 6-8 team Halloween Party is always fun and festive with a donut eating competition, games, candy, caramel apples, dancing, and the limbo. We were especially thrilled this year to see a number of LGS alums in attendance.

On Monday, Halloween Day, the mild weather allowed students to enjoy a “trunk and treat.” Students walked from car to car in our parking lot, gathering treats from LGS supporters.

Many thanks to the to the parents and staff who worked hard to make this yet another great Halloween celebration for everyone at Linden Grove School.



More sensory friendly movies!

Movie Showings for Guests & Families Living with Autism or Other Special Needs

AMC is proud to partner with the Autism Society to bring you unique movie showings where you can feel free to be you! We turn the lights up, and turn the sound down, so you can get up, dance, walk, shout or sing!

AMC has expanded their Sensory Friendly Film program to four showings per month.

  • The second and fourth Tuesday and Saturday
  • Family-friendly movies continue to show on Saturday mornings
  • Films that may appeal to older audiences now show Tuesday evenings

Click the link to find out more! AMC Sensory Movies

  • Inside LGS

  • Community Events