Indoor Trunk or Treat – Fun for All!

Decorations, treats, and more make LGS’s annual Trunk or Treat a highly anticipated event among students and adults!

Family members and other supporters decorate tables loaded with treats in the St. Saviour undercroft. The LGS Parent Group ensures a festive entrance for students arriving from from the school building.

NEW this year, and fantastic dancing unicorn to welcome each group of students. After being greeted by the friendly unicorn, students traveled among decorated tables gathering an assortment of trinkets and treats. 

Thanks to LGS mom Meg Koabel for photos from this year’s event.

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STEAM Engineering

STEAM Education uses Science, Technology, Engineering, the Arts, and Mathematics to encourage critical thinking, creativity and other skills – skills important for working and living in the 21st century.

Summer Camp is a great time for students to engage in fun STEAM activities. Most recently, Ms. Bryant and Mrs. Neely’s students were presented with two different engineering challenges.

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Visual Supports Help Students Communicate and Learn

Most people with autism think in pictures. They have a hard time finding words to express their thoughts, so they’ll internally visualize pictures to help them find the appropriate words. It’s as if they have a virtual Rolodex of pictures in their head and as they’re speaking they’re referencing those images and equating them to words.

Linden Grove School uses visual supports in a variety of ways.

For students who are less verbal, they are provided with visuals to help them communicate their needs and wants while helping them to build their internal Rolodex. For example, they may be provided with images to indicate if they prefer to go out to the playground or use an iPad during free time.

Visuals are also used to communicate school schedules and to illustrate steps in a task, whether a science experiment, a writing assignment, or a recipe for making breakfast sandwiches.

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